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The 1060 series heads – These amplifiers are the closest to the Fender Showman amplifier. You can see the controls are the same as the Fender. These seem to be the amplifiers that Plush first got into business building.





Plush 1060 Front View
The 1060 amplifiers have the small vent area across the top. The 1060 amplifier don’t have the tremolo and reverb which are on the 1000 series.  

Plush 1060 Rear View
The transformers are Plush stamped. This amplifier has the slave multiplexer. The contrasting tube layout for two 1060s can be seen in the second photo  

Plush 1060 Control Panel View  

The controls are right there with the Fender amps that are similar. Warning, if you incorrectly switch the amplifier on with the reverse polarity, you can have 120 volts on the chassis.

Plush 1060 Chassis Bottom View
Very little under the chassis of this amplifier.





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