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4000G series heads – These amplifiers used 4 6550 power tubes for 200 watts of power. The circuits for these show a lot of variance. You can hook up to 4 speakers to these amplifiers and the impedance is automatically changed for the number of cabinets connected. These are one channel amplifiers with 4 input jacks that give more or less bass. The tone controls are extensive.





Plush 4000G Front View
The oval vents are unique to this series.  Lots of controls here for the one channel.

Plush 4000G Rear View
The transformers and choke are huge. 4 6550s and 3 preamp tubes. 

Plush 4000G Control Panel View  

The controls are quite extensive for one a channel amplifier. The bass and guitar inputs with the Low/High (bright and dark) all go to the one volume knob. The treble has three controls, treble, treble contour, and treble boost, middle just has a middle control, and then there is bass, bass contour, and bass boost. This amplifier also has standby and power controls.

Plush 4000G Chassis Bottom View
Have to upload this shot still.  

Plush 4000G Stack
Here is how the 4000G should be set to run.  





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