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8000 series Head - This particular head was found in a shop in California. Claims were made that someone from Matchless Amplifiers had modified it. When found it was loaded with 6L6GC tubes. Underneath on the chassis is written Prototype. This amplifier uses 6 power tubes and 6 preamp tubes.





Plush 8000 Front View
The horizontal slats are unique to this amplifier from Plush. The controls, labeled only with a Sharpie are as seen in the catalog.  

Plush 8000 Rear View
The transformers and choke are larger than those used for the 4000G amplifier. The rear panel looks like the one from a 4000G. 

Plush 8000 Control Panel View  

The controls should read High (top two) and Low (bottom two) for the input jacks Volume, Bass, Frequency (top slider), Cut (bottom slider), Treble, ???

Plush 8000 Chassis Bottom View
Here you can see the point-to-point wiring and the transformers vs. a 4000G head.  





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