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Plush made a variety of speaker cabinets for bass, guitar, and public address systems. These include the most commonly seen 2x15” ported cabinets, 2x15” unported cabinets, 3x15” ported cabinets, 2x15” cabinets with horns, 1x18” folded horn cabinets, 8x10” cabinets and 4x12” cabinets for guitar and bass. For PA use, they had a 2x10” and 4x8” cabinet, 3x12” and 4x12” column speakers, and projector horns.



The 2x15" cabinets came with and without ports, I haven't seen a portless one in person though

The 2x15" cabinets came with ports on the right and the left

The 2x15" cabinets came with cool globe wheels

These cabinets have been thrashed with added speakers and junk

The 4x12" cabinets were front loaded, no ports

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