About This Site


This not-for-profit site was launched on 1 March 2006 and is a product of secondary research information I've gathered from Plush users and members of the Plexi Palace's Other American Amps forum, and of primary research that includes phone and email interviews conducted with ... . I've done my best to present all this information as accurately as possible.


If you have any suggestions for additions, changes, corrections, or deletions, please contact me.


Should you have Plush-related information to share, please feel free to send it via virus-free email or to send virus-free email attachments (e.g., photos, scans, links, etc.). For a list of what I'm looking for, see the page Need Your Help.


Finally, please note that what you send may very well be a duplication of information available elsewhere. If so, I'll provide links to this external information.




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